Ready to discover what you're truly capable of?

Believe you miss talent and feel for riding? Afraid to make mistakes and frustrated with the lack of progress no matter how hard you try?

Let me introduce you to Release the Potential, a 6 week experience that will revolutionize your riding performance!



So how does this work?

You possess incredible abilities within you, much like you learned to walk, talk, and ride a bike as a child.

But somewhere along the way, your ego developed—a critical voice that stifled your natural capabilities. It's like your potential got trapped in a prison of doubt and mistrust.

In this 6-week program, we unlock that potential of yours! You'll get to experience what it feels like to ride in flow: fully connected with your horse and your task at hand, feeling your body instinctively act, effortlessly knowing what to do without you thinking or trying.

Once you've experience what that feels like, trust me you're going to want to stay out of that prison for good and the best part is, we'll also give you the framework to do so!


What you'll learn

Inside of Release the Potential you'll receive a framework, designed to take you from doubting yourself and your riding skills to feeling confident and truly enjoying the ride! 🎉

More specifically you'll learn how to:

📚 Learn & develop new skills in the most effective manner
🐴 Correct annoying habits you've got in the saddle
🔮 Develop your feel, meaning you'll intuitively know what to do while riding
🗣️ Free yourself from the criticizing voice in your head
💪 Feel confident in every situation
😊 Truly enjoy your riding



What you'll get

Release the potential is more than a course. It's an experience. We believe the best way to learn is to experience. Therefore we offer interactive live lessons, combined with action points and an online community in which you stay in touch with other program members and post updates about your actions in between lessons. 

🔥 Weekly action points

Results comes from taking action and therefore at the end of each online lesson you'll be given a couple of actions to take before our next session.

✨ Community & Learning platform

App that offers the opportunity to stay in touch with other program members in between calls, post updates about your action points or ask questions. Inside the community you also have the possibility to watch recordings from live lessons.


Meet your coach: Jocelin Lillienau

Jocelin is a Swedish event and show jumping rider living in Belgium, where she competes internationally in both disciplines.

After feeling frustrated with her lack of progress for many years, she delved into the areas of mindset, performance and skills development. She discovered that there is more to riding mastery than the traditional riding lessons and with that realization became a mindset & performance coach for equestrians.

Today she is teaching riders, from all over the world, to master the mental game and reach their full potential in the saddle through awareness, feel and self trust.


A word from our clients

Val Joy

“I am thoroughly enjoying the coaching with Jocelin. As a coach, she has helped me to reflect on my approach to showjumping and has helped identify areas for improvement. Using practical tools and techniques she has enabled me to shape and implement a set of REAL goals that have significantly improved my focus and performance as a rider.

Jocelin is easy to talk to and is a great listener who isn’t afraid to dig deep into the “why’s” of things, which helps you to consider your actions in all aspects of life. We put so much time, money and hard work into our animals I can't believe its taken me this long to start focusing on my mindset to truly improve my performance."

Karolina Wernerowicz

"FOR A VERY LONG TIME I HAD A CRISIS AND I WAS AFRAID TO JUMP HIGHER. I TRIED WORKING WITH TWO PSYCHOLOGISTS TO NO AVAIL. Not so long ago I met Lorna, who partners with Jocelin. They have a business. MINDEQ, in which they support people like me and work on mindset.

Since the beginning of our cooperation, I have noticed a huge change. I came out of the crisis and changed my attitude towards life and the riding aspect itself and started to enjoy riding again and appreciating what I have. I learned many ways to cope in stressful situations, I worked on my "traumas" related to riding as well as life outside the stable because this also affects us."

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