1:1 Personalized Coaching

Welcome to the path where your thoughts become your greatest ally, and your mindset is forged for victory.

Discover the power of a strong mind in every stride towards success in our personalized coaching sessions for equestrian excellence.

Get ready to unleash your mind's potential and conquer the arena with unstoppable confidence!

Our Approach:


Mindset Mastery Sessions:

Develop a resilient mindset tailored for equestrian excellence through personalized coaching sessions.

Competitive Edge Coaching:

Gain a mental advantage over competitors with specialized coaching focused on strategic thinking and mental preparation for competitions.

Thought Leadership Training:

Harness the power of your thoughts and cultivate leadership skills for navigating challenges both in and out of the arena.

Equestrian Mindfulness Workshops:

Explore the intersection of mindfulness and horsemanship, enhancing focus and presence for peak performance.

Confidence Building Clinics:

Boost your confidence and self-assurance in the saddle, mastering the mental game of equestrian sports.

Performance Visualization Sessions:

Learn the art of mental rehearsal to visualize success, improving performance and overcoming mental barriers.

Goal Setting and Achievement Coaching:

Set and accomplish equestrian goals with a structured coaching approach, aligning your mindset with your aspirations.

Stress Resilience Training:

Equip yourself with tools to handle competition stress and pressure, ensuring a calm and focused mindset during crucial moments.

Positive Reinforcement Coaching:

Foster positivity and motivation, creating a mental environment that encourages continuous improvement and success.

Emotional Intelligence for Riders:

Enhance your emotional intelligence on and off the horse, promoting effective communication and connection with your equine partner.


Karolina Wernerowicz

"FOR A VERY LONG TIME I HAD A CRISIS AND I WAS AFRAID TO JUMP HIGHER. I TRIED WORKING WITH TWO PSYCHOLOGISTS TO NO AVAIL. Not so long ago I met Lorna, who partners with Jocelin. They have a business. MINDEQ, in which they support people like me and work on mindset."

Nina De Buck

“For me the cooperation with Jocelin was the best idea I ever had. She made me level up from 1m10 to 1m30 with the best feeling. Going on show without stress, only having fun and doing our thing! I’m very grateful for Jocelin her magic. And can only recommend her ! “


Who's this for?

  • For all riders seeking mental resilience and improved performance in competitions.
  • Tailored for competitive riders aiming to gain a strategic mental advantage.
  • Ideal for riders aspiring to lead and excel in the equestrian community.
  • Enhance focus and presence for riders looking to deepen their connection with their horses.
  • Boost confidence for riders at any level, overcoming self-doubt for more assured performances.
  • Refine mental rehearsal skills and visualize success for improved overall performance.
  • Perfect for riders wanting to set and accomplish clear equestrian goals.
  • Build resilience and maintain composure under pressure for riders facing competition stress.
  • Cultivate a positive mindset and motivation for continuous improvement.
  • Develop emotional intelligence, improve communication with horses, and build stronger connections.

Meet your Coaches


Jocelin is a Swedish event and show jumping rider living in Belgium, where she competes internationally in both disciplines.

After feeling frustrated with her lack of progress for many years, she delved into the areas of mindset, performance and skills development. She discovered that there is more to riding mastery than the traditional riding lessons and with that realization became a mindset & performance coach for equestrians.

Today she is teaching riders, from all over the world, to master the mental game and reach their full potential in the saddle through awareness, feel and self trust.


I am an event rider from Scotland who awakened my passion for Mindset after overcoming my lack of self belief through implementing the lessons in the Positive Equestrian Performance Program (PEPP).

After graduating from PEPP, I decided to further deepen myself in the subject by studying psychology and NLP, before becoming a coach in the program myself.

Being a competitive event rider myself, I absolutely love to be able to share my passion for the sport and mindset work with both PEPP members and my 1:1 clients.


Not sure yet?

Feel free to contact us to know if the 1:1 Personalized Coaching is for you, or if you're perfect fit is within our other programs.