STOP Holding Back! 🛑

Jul 02, 2024

Do you find yourself overly cautious and restrictive to your horse due to a past experience where your horse might have rushed? Or do you find it challenging to let your horse move forward without feeling the need to hold back? 

Today, we'll discuss a topic that resonates with many riders: how to ride forward with confidence by mastering your mindset. 💪

7 Tips on How to Ride Forward with Confidence:

  1. Recognize Your Thoughts
    Start by acknowledging the unhelpful thoughts that enter your mind. For instance, "My horse is getting strong again" often triggers restrictive behavior. Being aware of these thoughts is the first step towards changing them.

  2. Shift to the Present Moment
    Move from your thinking mind to your observing mind. Instead of overanalyzing, focus on feeling and sensing what's happening now. This shift is crucial for riding effectively in the present.

  3. Create Helpful Links
    Link unhelpful thoughts to actions that bring you back to the present. For example, when you think, "My horse is getting strong," immediately shift your focus to feeling the rhythm of your horse's hind legs or observing your breathing. This helps ground you in the present moment.

  4. Practice Mindfulness Off the Horse
    Enhance your ability to stay present by practicing mindfulness in daily activities. Simple exercises like focusing on your breath or counting breaths can train your brain to remain in the moment, making it easier to apply this skill while riding.

  5. Evaluate Your Rides
    After each ride, reflect on how much time you spent in the present versus thinking about the past or future. This awareness is the first step towards improvement.

  6. Set Small Goals
    Don't expect immediate results. Mental training, like physical training, takes time and practice. Celebrate small victories and be patient with yourself.

  7. Use Anchoring Techniques
    Anchors are tools that help you stay grounded. Simple actions, like snapping a hair tie on your wrist or taking a deep breath, can shift your focus back to the present. Over time, these anchors become automatic responses to unhelpful thoughts.

For more tips and insights, listen to the full Podcast Episode ‘Riding with Feel rather than Thought’:



Training your mind is as crucial as training your body. By mastering the art of staying present, you'll not only enhance your riding but also enrich every aspect of your life. ✨

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